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Utilitarian Provides its visitors with vital content in all aspect of education, lifestyle, News, Islamic contents, Music and Videos with lot more, all downloads are available for free.

What we do: Content creator and Graphics Design of all kinds, like banner, flyers, tags, school ID card, logo making and much more.

Office address: Nn9 Lokoja Road by Ibibio road, Kaduna state.

Utilitarian has been in existence since 2016, and it is moderated by me since then, this blog is a non-profit blog, I only set up this blog for my personal interest in sharing with you and the world, news and vital information.
from the little knowledge God has blessed me with, and I am willing I could do more better than I am doing today, No knowledge is a waste, it is just and opportunity to have the understanding and to comprehend the knowledge,
and may the opportunity always come to you and me.
Utilitarian does not entertain any form of misleading information/content like fake online business, ponzi sites or links, but can promote a legit way of making money and how you can become successful in your business. You can promote your content here with us at very cheap price.
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This blog is moderated and developed by:
about me

Full name: Abdurrasheed Zubair Yusuf

Date of birth: December 13

State of Origin: Kwara State.

State of residence: Kaduna State.

Marital status:Single

School:Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

Bio:There are a lot of story about any body on this earth which can not be told in detailed, but little can be told. I used to be someone who have passion for what I love to do in terms of goodness,
caring and supporting hand for others, I love being myself so gentle and humble, and always straight forward.

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The mission is to provide the best contents to our visitors.


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Please Share this Post. Thanks!