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How to Earn $10,000 in Yescoin within 9 days – Crypto airdrop

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Crypto airdrop – Yescoin is one of the most popular telegram gaming bot that give people points as they play the game, the game is quiet simple as easy as swiping on your phone to earn points, the more you swipe faster the more you earn.

Yescoin original

Without wasting much of your time, let’s see how you can make $10,000 with this game.

Recently, the platform introduce a new contest, usually a referral contest and call it “Yes.Crazy Month – Win $10,000” it was published on their twitter account, below is the content of the post.

🚀IT’S CRAZY: Yescoin users are approaching 10 MILLION.
🚀IT’S CRAZY: 1 MILLION users were onboarded to @ton_blockchain in JUST ONE DAY.

YES, MASS ADOPTION is happening.

Proud of the Ton ecosystem.
Proud of the Web3 universe in Telegram.
Onboarding the next billion may sound crazy, but from craziness comes greatness.

Embracing the craziness, we’re excited to introduce the YES.CRAZY event! 🔥🔥🔥

We’ve 3x’ed the $10,000 Yescoin Airdrop to $30,000
Ignite the rocket of Yescoin community and soar high
Accelerate the next 10M users into a mobile Web3 universe

How to Enter:
✅Follow @Yescoin_Fam on X
✅Subscribe to our channel:
✅Play Yescoin:
✅Tag your friends and invite them to join! More tags, more chances to win.

*Important: Connect your wallet to receive the prize – all prizes in $TON.
*Learn & Check-in Daily, Invite Friends to increase your odds

So, what are you waiting for, join the Game now and start inviting your friends, y9ur referral link is under the “frens” in the game bottom navigation button section, the more you invite the more dollars you earn.  You can also check the rewards amount in the game bot,  for each person that refer the most highest referral goes with the highest prize. 

Join Yescoin now using the link below:

Exploring Yescoin: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Your Earnings

In the ever-evolving world of digital finance and cryptocurrencies, Yescoin presents an innovative and engaging platform for users to earn rewards and enhance their knowledge about cryptocurrencies. This blog post will explore the various features of Yescoin, as depicted in the provided images, and guide you through the process of maximizing your earnings on the platform.

What is Yescoin?

Yescoin is a gamified cryptocurrency platform that allows users to earn Crypto airdrop (coins) through various activities, including inviting friends, completing daily learning tasks, and engaging in special promotions. The platform combines elements of gaming with educational tasks, making it an exciting and interactive way to delve into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Key Features and Earning Opportunities

1. Invite Friends and Earn Bonuses:

One of the most straightforward ways to earn Yescoin is by inviting friends to join the platform. As highlighted in the first image, you can send a gift to friends, which could result in a bonus of up to 1 million Yescoin. This referral system not only helps you earn more coins but also expands the Yescoin community, promoting greater engagement and interaction.

Crypto Airdrop – Hamster Kombat: A Deep Dive into Daily Rewards.

2. Daily Crypto airdrop Learning Task:

Yescoin offers daily learning tasks that educate users about various aspects of cryptocurrencies. Completing these tasks can earn you up to 10 million Yescoin. This feature is prominently displayed in the second image on this page, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to combining learning with earning. By engaging in these tasks, users can increase their cryptocurrency knowledge while boosting their Yescoin balance.

3. Onboarding Rewards:

New users can earn significant bonuses by completing onboarding tasks. The first image lists several onboarding activities such as connecting a wallet, achieving Platinum status, and participating in specific Yescoin promotions like Yes.Crazy and YesUniverse. Each of these tasks offers substantial rewards, ranging from 150,000 to 500,000 Yescoin, making it an excellent way for newcomers to quickly accumulate coins.

4. Engaging in Promotions:

Yescoin regularly hosts special promotions, such as the Yes.Crazy Month, where participants can win up to $10,000. The second image showcases this promotion, encouraging users to stay active and participate in ongoing events to maximize their potential earnings.

5. Daily Boosters and Free Rewards:

To keep users engaged and rewarded, Yescoin provides daily boosters and free rewards. The third image highlights the availability of daily chests and full recovery options. Additionally, users can utilize boosters like Multivalue and Coinlimit to enhance their earnings. These boosters significantly increase the amount of Yescoin you can earn, making them an essential part of your daily strategy.

How to Get Started with Yescoin Crypto airdrop. 

Yescoin Booster

Getting started with Yescoin is simple and rewarding. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you begin your journey:

  1. Sign Up: Join the Yescoin bot,  click here to join. Ensure you use my referral link above to gain initial bonuses.
  2. Complete Onboarding Tasks: Follow the onboarding tasks outlined in the app to earn your first set of Yescoin. Connect your wallet, achieve Platinum status, and participate in Yescoin promotions.
  3. Daily Learning and Engagement: Participate in daily learning tasks to increase your cryptocurrency knowledge and earn significant Yescoin rewards.
  4. Invite Friends: Utilize the invite feature to bring friends onto the platform and earn additional bonuses.
  5. Utilize Boosters: Regularly check the Boost section to claim your free daily boosters and enhance your earnings potential.


Yescoin offers a unique blend of learning and earning, making it an ideal platform for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners. By engaging in daily tasks, inviting friends, and participating in promotions, you can significantly boost your Yescoin balance. Start your journey with Yescoin today and explore the exciting opportunities it offers in the world of digital finance.

For more detailed guides and updates on Yescoin, stay tuned to our blog. Click here to join our Telegram group.  Happy earning!


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