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A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Airdrops and Mining Airdrops on Telegram

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Crypto airdrops have become a popular way for blockchain projects to distribute tokens to the community and promote their projects. For beginners, crypto airdrops can be a great way to get free tokens and start your journey in the crypto world. In this guide, we’ll explore what crypto airdrops are, why they are beneficial, and how you can start mining airdrops using Telegram.

What Are Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto airdrops are a marketing strategy used by blockchain projects to distribute free tokens or coins to a large number of wallet addresses. These tokens are usually distributed to promote a new cryptocurrency, create awareness, and incentivize the community to participate in the project.

Types of Crypto Airdrops

1. Standard Airdrops:

Tokens are distributed to existing holders of a particular cryptocurrency.

2. Bounty Airdrops:

Users complete specific tasks such as social media promotion, signing up for newsletters, or referring friends.

3. Holder Airdrops:

Tokens are given to users holding a specific amount of the project’s tokens in their wallets.

4. Exclusive Airdrops:

Tokens are distributed to a selected group of people who meet certain criteria.

Benefits of Participating in Airdrops

1. Free Tokens: The most obvious benefit is receiving free tokens, which can increase in value over time.

2. Early Adoption: Participating in airdrops can give you access to new projects early, potentially leading to significant returns.

3. Community Engagement: Airdrops help create a strong community around a project, which can contribute to its success.

4. Educational Experience: Engaging with airdrops can help you learn more about blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market.

How to Start Mining Crypto Airdrops on Telegram

Telegram is a popular platform for crypto communities and airdrops due to its robust group and bot functionalities. Here’s how you can start mining airdrops on Telegram:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Join Relevant Telegram Groups:
– Look for official Telegram groups of crypto projects. These groups often announce airdrop campaigns.
– Join airdrop-focused groups that aggregate airdrop opportunities from various projects.

2. Follow Crypto Airdrop Channels:
– Subscribe to Telegram channels dedicated to sharing the latest airdrop news and opportunities. Examples include “Airdrop Alert” and “Crypto Airdrops.”

3. Use Crypto Airdrop Bots:
– Many airdrops use Telegram bots to manage the distribution of tokens. These bots will guide you through the necessary steps to participate.
Example: Search for the project’s airdrop bot in Telegram and start a conversation. The bot will provide instructions on how to earn tokens.

4. Complete Required Tasks:
– Tasks might include joining Telegram groups, following social media accounts, sharing posts, and referring friends.
– Carefully follow the instructions provided by the airdrop bot or project team to ensure you qualify for the airdrop.

5. Provide Wallet Address:
– You will need a compatible cryptocurrency wallet (e.g., Bybit, MetaMask, Trust Wallet) to receive the airdropped tokens.
– Make sure to provide the correct wallet address as specified by the airdrop campaign.

6. Stay Updated:
– Crypto Airdrop campaigns may have specific timelines and conditions. Stay active in the groups and channels to get the latest updates and ensure you don’t miss out.

Tips for Success

Be Cautious of Scams: Verify the legitimacy of airdrop campaigns. Avoid sharing sensitive information or sending money to participate in an airdrop.
Use a Dedicated Wallet: Consider using a separate wallet for airdrops to keep your main holdings secure.
Stay Organized: Keep track of the airdrops you participate in and the associated tasks. Use a spreadsheet or note-taking app to manage your activities.

Example: Participating in a Telegram Crypto Airdrop bot

1. Find a Legitimate Airdrop:
– You discover a new airdrop campaign for a project called “ Web3 crypto or CryptoX” in an airdrop Telegram channel.

Below are other legit crypto airdrops bots you can participate in on Telegram, these airdrops are paying just like Notcoin.

List of legit Crypto Airdrop bots


🎁 +2.5k Shares as a first-time gift

Hamster kombat

Play with me, become cryptoexchange CEO and get a token airdrop!

💸  2k Coins as a first-time gift

🔥  25k Coins if you have Telegram Premium

YesCoin V2
🎁 +100k Yescoins as a first-time gift
🎁 🎁 🎁 +500k Yescoins if you have Telegram Premium

Join my squad here:

Blum – You can start Blum too, it’s going to pay 👇

Yescoin V1

A special and official memeCoin for Notcoin, you can buy Autobot too and also claim daily login bonus.

Daily Wallet


Join W-Coin and get bonuses for each invited friend!🎁


🎁 2.5k BBQcoin as a first-time gift 🎁🎁🎁 50k BBQcoin if you have Telegram Premium



🏆+1.5k Dotcoins as a first-time bonus

💎+30k Dotcoins if you have Telegram Premium


You can earn 1000 BASEMUN and get 1000 for each referrals.

OnChain Game

That is all for now, kindly bookmark this page, because I will be updating this post with new and legit crypto airdrops bot and app. Please stay tuned.

2. Join the Crypto Airdrop Bot:
– Click on the name of Airdrop, it will take you to Telegram bot.
– The bot asks you to join by clicking on “start or launch game”; you may join their official Telegram group and follow their Twitter account to earn more points.

3. Complete the Tasks:
– Join the Crypto Airdrops bot on Telegram and follow their Twitter account.
– Share a specific tweet from the bot project and tag your friends.

4. Submit Your Information:
– You will need to provide your Ethereum wallet address or any wallet required by to the bot to receive the tokens.
– The bot confirms your participation and gives you a timeline for the token distribution.

5. Receive Tokens:
– After the airdrop campaign ends, you receive Crypto tokens in your Ethereum wallet of the wallet type you of used, either Bybit or Telegram wallet.


Participating in crypto airdrops, especially through platforms like Telegram, can be a rewarding experience for beginners in the cryptocurrency space. By joining the right groups, using airdrop bots, and completing the required tasks, you can start earning free tokens and immerse yourself in the exciting world of blockchain technology. Always remember to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of airdrop campaigns to protect yourself from scams.

Happy airdropping, and may your crypto journey be prosperous!

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