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NANS: CPC screened Comrd. Muh’d A.Tenimu (Justice) for NANS VP NATL. AFFAIRS.

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NANS: CPC screened Comrd. Muh’d A.Tenimu (Justice) for NANS VP NATIONAL AFFAIRS.

It was a wonderful moment during the screening of Comrd. Muh’d A.Tenimu (Justice) by the screening and verification sub Committee under the NANS CPC for the aspiration of NANS VP National Affairs ahead 2023 National convention.

During the screening, the frontline aspirant for NANS VP NATL. use the opportunity to itemise some of the considerable factors to be considered before making decisions in terms of electing a leader for such magnificent positions in NANS.


The situation some institutions are facing in our country today is very atrocious and outrageous to the well-being and the growth of our dear students in such institutions, which need aggravated attention from brilliant, capable leaders to relate with as to put an end and find a way out for the students.

No one is capable of handling the office of NANS VP NATL. AFFAIRS like I do (Justice said)
Nigerian students need leadership and not pocket hustlers using the mandate given to them by the students.

I remain committed in serving the students community at large.

NANS: Beyond Capacity And Matter Of Performance.

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