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VTU SCRIPT: How to Create a Robust VTU Website – No coding knowledge Required.

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vtu script


Are you looking for how to Create your own VTU website? Do you want to start a VTU recharge card business? if yes,  this post is for you. I hope you have watch the video above, it is all about the simple steps you can use in building your own website for VTU business in Nigeria,  do not skip it. You will get access to the full video when you Download the package.

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How to create VTU website from scratch.

The below step by steps guide will show you how can set-up VTU website using a full functional PHP script. Without wasting much of your time let’s dive into the steps.

Step 1: Choosing a domain name.

If you are starting your own VTU website and you really want to profit from this business, then you need a good domain name that match your business name, the more professional your domain name is, the more traffic you can gain to your website, do your research before choosing a domain name. You can get your domain using the site below,  click on the image to get started.
Web Hosting in Nigeria

Step 2: Getting a hosting package

There are several different hosting servers you can use for your project, one of the most cheapest hosting server in Nigeria is or

Vtu script - qserver

You can get a starter plan for as low as 7000 per year, with a free domain name. Check their current pricing before you buy.

After buying the domain name , the next step is step 3

Step 3: Uploading the VTU script to the server

Upload script

The image above is the illustrative display of the VTU script, you need to download the script using the download button below, copy it to your computer, login into your cPanel, if you don’t know how to access your cPanel, you can check your account dashboard for cPanel login or use your domain to login directly by visiting

A login page will be displayed, enter your details, incase you don’t know it, please contact your hosting server’s customer service for support.

Go-to file manager on your cPanel, select public html, Click on upload and choose the file, then extract it after the upload,

Extract script

you should right click on the file and select the Extract button. You can watch the video in the download package for more guides.

Step 4: Creating Data base user and password

Create database

After successfully extraction of the file,  the next thing is to create database for your VTU website, navigate to your cPanel Tools,  click on MySQL Database Wizard, then on the next page is the database creation wizard,  follow the instructions on the page to create the database,  you should note down the username for the database and also the password,  it will be used in the next step.

Step 5: Setting Up Database Connections

The username and password for your database should be use in a file called Model.php 


You can locate this file under the folder named Core from the extracted files in file manager. After locating the file,  make sure you have replace the old database username  and database password with your newly created one,  this will enable your VTU website to keep record of logins and newly registered members so as well as their transactions record,  wallets balance and so on.

Step 6: Launching your website

As soon as you have completed the setup,  there are other things you need to setup before you launch your website meaning, before people can start registration on your VTU website,  you need to set your payment gateways like, Paystack and Monnify, set data plans and Airtime discounts, so as well as the API configuration for the website. The package in the download file, comes with a full video guide on how to do all these settings,  rush and request for it now using the button below. You can always message me on WhatsApp for any assistance,  I’m always available for you!

How to Boost Your Sales with These Proven Marketing Tips for our VTU Services!

Save me the stress

Are you interested in owning a VTU website and you can’t build it yourself? I can save you the stress by giving you a robust well functioning VTU website at a very affordable price.

How much is the price?

The price for an affiliate VTU website is just ₦50,000 but you can get it at 35,000. So what are you waiting for?  Send me a DM now on WhatsApp, click on the WhatsApp button on this page now.


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Some VTU website built with the VTU SCRIPT is as follows.


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