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How to start data reselling business in Nigeria in 2023 and make huge profit from it.

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Easy and profitable way to start data reselling business in Nigeria. 

Have you ever wonder how the internet usability is becoming more progressive
in this century,  it’s because there is cheap data and access to free
VPN. Some people are wise enough to make use of their data plan efficiently
while others use it to stream videos only,  chat and play online games,
those are the type of people that really need cheap data,  especially
here in Nigeria. In this course we shall focus on how to make money selling
cheap data to those kind of people we have mentioned. So let’s get started by
knowing some basic things. 

What is data reselling?

Data reselling means buying internet data bundles in bulk from
telecommunication  companies like (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO 9mobile etc.) and
then sell in smaller quantity to end-users.
Just like with every other commodity, when you buy more (in large quantity),
the supplier offers you a discount, the same applies to data. When you buy
data in bulk, the service operator sells to you at a lower price.
For instance, you can get 1GB for as low as ₦220! Cheap right. Take a look
at the image below to see the list of cheap data plans from one of the
company I am buying from. 
When you purchase data bundles at such low prices, you can then add your
profit and sell to end-users.
Data reselling

Where to buy cheap data

You can get cheap internet bundles from Data Reselling Companies/Platforms
—these platforms purchases data in large scales directly from telecom
companies and then resell these data to you at an extremely cheap price.

There are numerous data reselling companies/platforms out there offering
cheap data bundles. But as with every business niche that exists, there are
data companies who offer pitiful data reselling services.

I’ve tested the service of several data reselling companies in Nigeria to
sieve out the legitimate ones from the vast number of unsolicited vendors.

My findings led to the creation of this post—to bring to your knowledge
legit data reselling companies that are honest, reliable, and transparent
with their services. I’ll unveil them to you below. When you become a data
reseller, you’ll be able to get data at extremely cheap prices. Below is a
screenshot of UDATAPLAN   price list.


When you purchase these data bundles at wholesale price from a legitimate
data reselling company, like UDATAPLAN, you’ll be able to add your profit
and then sell to consumers at your own price and make huge profit.

Your profit potential from this business is limitless! You can make between
₦20,000 to ₦100,000 monthly in this business and even more.

Click on the link to sign up on UDATAPLAN  and remember to use utilitarian as your referral code. 

How to become a data reseller in Nigeria and start making money.

To become a data reseller, all you need to do is to
sign up as
an agent with a data reselling company. The one I recommend above, you can
also download their mobile app on play store,  click on the image below
to get the app,  or use the download button. 

ASBdata app

As a data reselling agent, you will be treated with better discounts and
bigger price slash for the data you purchase for your friends and family.
That is, you’ll be offered data at extremely cheap prices.

How to start a data reselling business on Habib Solution 

Cheap prices of data sold by a data reselling company like UDATAPLAN which I
will introduce you to.

So let’s say, for example, you purchase MTN 2GB for ₦440 and sell at N550
That’s a ₦110 profit you’ve made!

Imagine you’re able to make 10 sales in a week, that’s ₦1,100 profit. In a
month you would have made ₦ 33,000!

You might be wondering how it could be possible to make 10 sales in a week.

But you must realize that it’s the 21st century—the internet is the new
market place for business.

Getting customers to patronize you is no longer an issue if you know how to
use the internet as a leverage to market your services.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.

With the social media marketing techniques which I’m going to teach you,
getting customers to patronize your data reselling services won’t be

Are you ready to take action?

Sign up
with Habibsolution now and join our whatsApp group chat for more tips. Click the
whatsApp button now to join. 

Recommended Data and Airtime Platform

Other Cheap platforms you can use for your data reselling business is as
listed below.  I will be updating this post with new cheaper price
offer as soon as I come in touch with any one. Stay tuned and always visit
this page. You can register on more than one platforms because,  price
do changes,  and not every platform do change their own price. I hope
you understand? 

  1. – is one of the best website to purchase SME
    Data/Cooperate Data, Airtime, Bills payment, Airtime to Cash and Cable
    subscription. Click on the Platform name to Register for free. 
  2. – Also offer SME Data, Gifting Data and  Cooperate Gifting,
    price is also cheaper,  click on the name to register. 
  3. Amana Tech – Cheap and affordable price,  you can click on the link to
    check their price list. 
Note: When you are registering on any of the platform above,  remember
to use

as your referral code please.

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