Glo Fastest APN Configuration Settings for your Android and iPhone Device

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How to Set Fastest Glo APN Network Settings Android & iPhone 2023 for 3G, 4G lte & 5G

If you have been searching for the fast Glo APN Network Settings for Android and probably for iPhone, search no more. Fast APN settings is good for mobile phone because it improves network speed and allow yiu to enjoy fast internet speed. APN settings for Android and iPhone I not same.

In this article I will be showing you the fastest APN settings you are to use for your Android or iPhone to improve your internet network speed.

Glo has been the best network so far in Nigeria, when it comes to cheap data offers and other Amazing offers. The fact that the glo Data price are very low and cannot be compared to any other network in Nigeria, imagine getting N100 for 500MB l, that’s why they are Known as the grandmasters of data.

The only problem people encounter while using the glo network is that their connection speed is sometimes slow in some areas, but in this article am going to provide the full settings that will help you increase the loading internet speed of your mobile phone while browsing the internet with your glo sim card.


Buying data is not the main factor on glo network, glo will offer you cheap data that is very much affordable, but the main thing is having a good network settings that will enable you to enjoy your data, in other to start enjoying high speed internet access on your device, you will strongly need the right settings on your mobile phone and that’s what about to share with you now.
How to Set Fast Glo APN On Your Android Phone

Follow the instructions below to locate where to set your glo APN settings for fast internet, you will be able to configure your phone APN settings by yourself easily:

~ Open your phone menu
~ Click on settings
~ Select network and internet
~ Click on sim cards
~ Select mobile networks
~ Select the Sim card you want to work with, which is glo
~ Click in access point name (APN)
~ Then tap on the add (+) icon to add new APN

Fastest APN settings for Android Phone

Below is the APN settings you need for fast internet access on your phone, follow the instructions below note that the settings provided here is for 3G, 4G and 5G.

Name: GloFastAPN
APN: gloflat
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: flat
Password: flat
Server: Not Set
MMSC: Not Set
MMS Proxy: Not Set
MMS Port: Not Set
MCC: 621
MNC: 50
Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP
APN Type: default,supl
APN protocol: Ipv4

Fast Glo APN settings for iPhone

Cellular Data: 2G/3G/4G/5G
APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

MMS Settings 

APN: glomms
Username: mms
Password: mms
MMS Proxy:
MMS Message Size: 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL: blank

That is all about Glo APN settings for Android hope this article is helpful to you. Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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