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How To Type S. A. W (ﷺ) Symbol On Android Phone Keyboard | Prophet Muhammad’s Name

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How to type ﷺ (S. A. W) on Android / iPhone Keyboard. 


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ name is everywhere around the world,  it is a best
practice and compulsory for who ever wants to mention his name or write it
down to include the word Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Salaam (ﷺ) which means may the
peace of Allah be upon him. 

There are some devices that do not support the Arabic Unicode of “ﷺ” character,  hence it can only be created manual for daily use depending
on the type of device you are using, either Android or iPhone device.

In this post I will be showing you how you can easily include the Arabic 
character of  ﷺ (S. A.  W) When typing the name of Prophet Muhammad
ﷺ on your phone. 

How to create and type (S. A. W) on Android. 

You can achieve this character on your android keyboard by following these
simple steps below. 

Step 1. Make sure you are using the default/system keyboard on your
android phone.
Step 2. Click the Copy symbol button below, to copy this character ﷺ to
your device clipboard. 

Step 3. Navigate to settings, go-to
Languages and input settings, select Personal dictionary, choose
any language or simply select For all languages and then click the
Add button at the top right corner of your phone,  to add new
Step 4. Paste the copied symbol in the words bar and name it with a
short word like (saw or pbuh) and then save. 

When ever you type the shortcut you have used,  the symbol ﷺ will pop up
and then you can use it in the name Prophet Muhammad ﷺ just like you have seen
it here.

How to create and type on iPhone device. 

if you have an iPhone device,  follow these few steps below to create the shortcut for the symbol. 
Step 1. Copy the symbol ﷺ using the text area of Step 2 [↑] above. 
Step 2. Go-to Settings and choose Keyboard. 
Step 3. Go-to Language and Input settings. 
Step 4. Select Text Replacement and then click on the Plus Sign to add a new entry. 
Step 5. Under Phrase,  enter the copied symbol ﷺ
Step 6. Then under shortcut,  use any short word like (pbuh or saw) and then save
So when ever you type the shortcut word,  the keyboard will replace it with the symbol. 

How to create and type ﷺ on Computer PC or Laptop with Microsoft Word

Are you a typist or you are only good in typing with Arabic keyboard and you don’t know how to type Sollallahu Alaihi Wasalam  (ﷺ ), Jalla Jalaailuhu (ﷻ) or  Bismillah (﷽ ) in Microsoft word? If yes then you are here to know how.  Watch the video above for a better understanding on how you can do that. 

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