Qasida Inna Khatmal Anbiyaahi by Zakiru Abdulfatahu, Download Audio, PDF and video.

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This Qasida was written by Our Sheikh,  Alhaji Ibrahim Inyass (RTA).

اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَىٰ سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ ❁ الْفَاتِحِ لِمَا أُغْلِقَ
❁ وَالْخَاتِمِ لِمَا سَبَقَ ❁ نَاصِرِ الْحَقِّ بِالْحَقِّ ❁
وَالْهَادِي إِلَىٰ صِرَاطِكَ الْمُسْتَقِيمِ ❁ وَعَلَىٰ آلِهِ حَقَّ
قَدْرِهِ وَمِقْدَارِهِ الْعَظِيمِ

Allahummah sali alaa sayiddinaa Muhammad, al-faatihi limaa ughuliqa,
wal-khaatimi limaa sabaqa, naasiri-l-haqq bil haqq, wal-haadii ilaa
siraatika-l-mustaqeem, wa alaa aalihi, haqqa qadrihi wa

Oh Allah, Bless our Master Muhammad, the Opener of what has been Closed, the
Seal of what had gone before(Antiquity), Helper of the Truth by the Truth,
the Guide to Your Straight path, and upon his households, as is the due of
his immense position and grandeur!

Qasida Inna Khatmal Anbiyaahi.

إِنَّ خَتْـــــــــــــــــمَ الْأَنْبِيَــــــــاءِ

فَـــــــــــــاقَ أَرْسَالاً بِيَــــــــــــاءِ

If the seal of the prophets exceeded the messages of Baya

بَحْـــــرُ سِــــــــرٍّ وَثَنَــــــــــــاءٍ 

شَمْـــــسُ رُشْـــــــدٍ وَاهْتِــــــــدَاءِ

A sea of ​​secret and praise, the sun of guidance and guidance

جَنَّــــةُ الْقَلْــــــــبِ امْتِدَاحِـــــــــي 

لِمَـــــــــــــــلاَذِي وَثَــرَائِــــــــي

The paradise of the heart is my praise for my haven and my wealth

دَائِمًــــــــــــــا فِيـــــــــكَ وِدَادِي 

وَادِّكَــــــــــــارِي وَفَنَائِـــــــــي

Always in you, my father, my father, and my mortal

هَـــامَ قَلْبِــــي ، طَــالَ وَجْـــــدِي

 وَزَفِيـــــــرِي وَبُكَائِــــــــــــي

Important to my heart, I felt long, exhaled and cried.

وَحَنِينِـــــــــــي وَاحْتِرَاقِــــــي 

فِـــــــي صَبَـــــاحٍ وَمَسَـــــــاءِ

And my longing and burning in the morning and evening

زَارَنِـــي طَيْـــــــــفُ خَيَـــــالٍ 

مِـــنْ حَبِيبِـــي عَيْـنِ هَــــــــاءِ

A phantom of my beloved’s eyes visited me

حَــلَّ فِـــي الْقَلْــــبِ مَكَانًـــــــا 


There is an impossible place in the heart for both.

طُــلَّ مِــــنْ دُونِ مَقَامِــــــــي 

وَحَيَاتِــي مِــــنْ

Without my place and my life from my blood

يَنْقَضِــــــي هَـــمُّ سَوَائِــــــي 

وَهْـــوَ هَمِّـــــي ذُو ثَـــــــوَاءِ

He destroys the worries of me, and he is the one who is a dweller.

كَــــانَ فَخْمًـــــا وَمَهِيبًــــــا 

وَمَلِيحًــــــــــا ذَا

He was luxurious, majestic, and beautiful, with serenity.

لاَ تَــــرَى شِبْـــهَ الْمُقَفَّــــــى 

فَهْــــــوَ سِيــــنٌ
قَبْـــــلَ رَاءِ

You do not see the pseudo-rhymed, for it is a pre-rhymed sound.

مَدْحُـــــهُ أُنْسِــي وَرَاحِـــي

 قُرْبَتِــي بَائِـــي وَرَائِـــــي

His praise I forget and my comfort my closeness behind me

نِعْمَـــــهُ عَبْـــــدًا تَسَامَــــى 

فَلَــــــــــهُ سِـــــرُّ اللِّــــوَاءِ

Yes, he is a sublime servant, for he has the secret of the general

صَفْــــــوَةُ الْحَـــقِّ حَبِيـــبُ

 اللّٰهِ كَنْــــــزِي وَغِنَائِـــــي

The chosen ones, the beloved of God, are my treasure and my singing.

عَـــــاذِلِــي فِيـــــــــهِ أَرَاهُ

 فِـــــي جُنُــونٍ أَوْ شَقَـــــاءِ

I will see him in madness or in misery.

فَــــاشْتِغَالِـــــي بِاشْتِيَاقِــــي

 فِيــهِ فَــــوْزِي وَاعْتِلاَئِــــي

So I was busy with longing for my victory and my ascension.

ضَامَنِــي مَــنْ لاَمَ شَيْخًـــــا 

هَـــــامَ مِـــنْ حَــاءٍ وَبَـــــاءِ

My guarantor of accusing an old man

important from Ha’i and epidemic

قَـــــدْ تَسَلَّـــى بَعْـــدَ شَيْــــبٍ 

أَهْــــــــــلُ حِلْـــمٍ وَنُهَــــــاءِ

You may have amused after the age of the people of a dream and an

رَشَــــــــــــدًا وَاللّٰهِ إِنِّـــــــــي 

طُـــولَ دَهْـرِي فِـــي عَمَــــاءِ

Rightly guided, by God, I have been in a blindness for a long time.

سَــــــوْفَ أَفْنَــى وَغَرَامِـــي 

بِالْمُفَـــــــــــــدَّى ذُو بَقَــــــاءِ

I will perish and my love for the eternal.

تَــــــــوَقَانِـــــــي وَهُيَامِــــي 

بَهْجَتِـــــي وَهْــــوَ بَهَائِـــــــي

My desire and desire is my joy, and He is my Baha’i

ثِقَــــــــلُ الْحُـــــبِّ عَسِيــــــرٌ 

كَتْمُــــهُ عِنْــــــدَ الْمَــــــــــلاَءِ

The weight of love is difficult to conceal in public.

خُلَّــــــةٌ مِـــــــنْ ذِي مَـــــلاَمٍ 

فَـــــــاصْرِمَنْهَــــا بِالْجَفَــــــاءِ

A trait of one who is blamed, so stop it with coldness

ذُلُّ أَهْـــلِ الْحُـــــبِّ أَحْلَــــــى 

مِـــــــنْ وِصَــالٍ وَعَـــــــلاَءِ

Humiliating the people of love is sweeter than respect and honor.

ظَعَــــــنَ الْقَلْـــــبُ جِهَــــــارًا 

نَحْــــــــوَ خَيْــــرِ الْأَنْبِيَـــــــاءِ

the heart openly showed the goodness of the prophets.

شُغْلَتِـــــــي طُــــولَ حَيَاتِــــي

 فِـــي صَبَاحِــــي وَمَسَائِـــــي

I have been busy all my life in the morning and evening.

غُدْوَتِـــــي ثُــــــمَّ رَوَاحِـــــي

 فِــي حَبِيبِـــــي وَصَفَائِـــــــي

I slept, then my soul is in my love and my serenity

وَصَـــــــلاَةٌ وَسَــــــــــــــلاَمٌ

 نَحْـــــوَ طَـــــٰهَ ذِي الْحِبَـــــاءِ

And prayers and peace towards Taha Dhul-Haba’

وَعَلَـــــــى آلٍ وَصَحْـــــــبٍ 

وَمُحِــــــبٍّ ذِي انْتِمَــــــــــاءِ

And upon the family, companions, and lover of one’s affiliation.

مُــــــــدَّةَ الْمُلْـــكِ دَوَامًــــــــا 

لاَ تَــــــــرَى ذَاتَ انْتِهَـــــــاءِ

The reign of the king is always without end.

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