The Top 5 Anti-Theft Applications for your smartphone

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The use of android smart phones is plethora nowadays and due to how android
smartphones is widely used by almost everyone, the limitation of theft has
been raised.

Anti-theft Apps for Android smartphones are android apps that prevents and
track down unauthorized persons from using or harming your android device. It
also helps in tracking down your stolen android smart phone easily. The
Anti-theft software are really great and most android users that have tested
some of the anti-theft apps can testify about it.

Most antivirus app can also serve as an anti-theft software on our android
device, for example  but in today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on the
top 5 Android anti-theft app for android smartphones. And the apps I would be
explaining below has a unique functionality, that that is the “Anti-theft”.

Below explains the top 5 android anti-theft apps.

Dandum Anti-theft

Dandum Anti-theft App is among the most effective and efficient android
anti-theft app with lots of exclusive features. A great thing about dandum is
that, all the premium features it acquires is free of charge. Of your phone is
lost or stolen, It can track down your device just sending an sms from other
mobile. In other words, dandum helps you in terms of anti-lost solution and
also anti-theft solution as well.


There are some extra features dandum anti-theft app has, like;

  • Locating your android device easily
  • It also remotely lock your android device.
  • It also remotely wipe your android device. (This is a great feature, and it
    favors individuals that has private documents on there device).
  •  It also remotely change the profile of your android device, from
    silent to the highest volume. (I really love this particular feature,
    because once someone steals your device, he/she would love to activate the
    silence mode of your android device, but with this feature, that theft is at
    great risk.)
  • It also helps to remotely change the data connectivity of your android
    device to on/off.
  •  It also helps to get the image or photo of the theft/robber if the Sim
    of the device is changed.
  • It also helps you track down the SSID of the new Sim to backup no.

 So quickly download “Dumdum app” from your Google playstore and activate
it within 60 seconds. Click
to download from apkmonk. 

Where’s My Droid

This is another great android anti-theft app this year. Using this app helps
you to protect your device against theft. 

Wheres My Droid

Below are some brief features about “Where’s My Droid” anti-theft app.

  • It can easily track your android device by making it ring/vibrate.
  • It can easily track down your android device through GPS location.
  • It would help text your attention word
  • It helps to password protection to avoid unauthorized app changes.
  • It helps to notify you whenever the device Sim or number is changed.
  • It doesn’t drain the battery of your device.
  • The Where’s My Droid anti-theft app also has some pro features like;
  • Tracks down the theft by taking pictures secrete.
  • It helps to remotely lock the device
  • It also helps to remotely wipe SD card in the android device
  • It helps to remotely wipe the phone data of the android device.
  • It also avoid the theft from uninstalling your android apps.
  • It also keeps the Where’s My Droid app icon hidden and many more great

You can also download Where’s My Droid app from your Google playstore or

Android Lost

Even the name of the app reveals the app functionality. Android Lost is a
great anti-theft android app that highly prevents your android device from
unauthorized persons or helps to track down your device if stolen or lost.

Android Lost

Features of Android Lost App;

  • It reads the sent and received messages.
  • It helps in phone wipe
  • It helps in device lock
  • It easily helps to erase the SD card in your device
  • It helps to easily locate your device through the use of GPS network
  • It also starts alarm with flashing screens
  • It helps to forward your calls
  • It helps to remote SMS alarm
  • Helps to activate SMS Speak command
  • It helps to take secret pictures of the theft with both the front and rear
    camera and many more features.

I recommend you also make use of the “Android Lost” app, because it’s quite
helpful. You can simply download the app from your android playstore or
market. Click
here to download it from appsapk.


Antidroidtheft is a very valuable android app that prevents you from theft.
With antidroidtheft, you have added extra security to your android device if


Some major features of androidtheft is to help you track down your android
device using GPS, it also helps you track changes of Sim cards or Phone
numbers and also view pictures taken from camera, Spy camera.

Antidroidtheft is one of the oldest android anti-theft app that have been on
existence since 2010 and it’s till recommended till date. The developers of
this app is doing a great job by upgrading the features of this app often. I
also recommend this android anti-theft app for android users, because it’s
functions and interface is really impressive. You can simply download the app
from your android playstore or market. Download it
on apkmonk 


Cerberus App is known as a complete anti-theft application. With this app, you
can easily recover your stolen or misplaced android device. This app is
regarded as one of the best android anti-theft software, and the trial version
of the app lasts for one week, which after you would be given a life time
license to use the app for just £2.99.

Cerberus App

The “Cerberus” has loads of features like;

  • Easy Remote control via messages
  • It also helps to run a SIM check, that is, if someone uses an unauthorized
    sim card on your android device.
  • Helps to easily locate and track down your device
  • It automatically set a loud alarm of your device, even while in silent mode
  • It also remotely wipe both phone memory and SD card.
  • The app also hide itself from the app drawer
  • It also helps to pass-code your device
  • It also helps you get list of calls sent or received
  • It also helps you track down the network the device operator is connected to
    and many more features.

You can download Cerberus Anti-theft app from your android play-store or
market, or click
to get it from apkmirror

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