How To Find Your Android Phone If It Is Stolen.

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What to do if your Android Phone  is stolen

Depending on how “well spec’d” it is, an Android device is a very practical and helpful tool that everyone wants to own. But if you lose your Android device, it can end up being stolen later, and recovering it could be challenging.
Check out these top 5 anti-theft applications for Android phones if you still have your Android smartphones. With the help of these anti-theft applications, you can quickly locate, recover, and stop the theft of your Android device. However, if yours has already been lost or stolen, you can use the approach I’ll be sharing to find it.
While utilizing this method to recover a stolen Android device is not assured, you can quickly find it if it is lost.

If you’ve your android devices intact, I advise you check out these Top 5 Anti-theft apps for android phones. With these anti-theft apps, you can easily track down and recover your android device and also avoid it from being stolen. But if yours is already lost or stolen, then you can follow the method I’ll be revealing to track it down.

Recovering an already stolen android device is not guaranteed using this method, but you can easily locate it if lost.

Finding Lost or Stolen Android Phones

Install the “Android Smartphone Manager” app on a different Android device before you can track any lost or stolen Android device. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the app’s features and functionality.
The useful Android device manager tool makes it easy to keep track of Android devices linked to Google accounts. Let’s assume that your lost Android device is linked to your Google account. The reason I couldn’t offer a guarantee for stolen Android devices was that the thieves could easily wipe the device’s memory before they could be identified.
The ability to reset your smartphone is another another fantastic feature included with the Android device manager app.The capability to reset your device’s lock screen and delete all data from the Android phone is another fantastic function included with the Android device manager app. The aspect about erasing everything from an Android smartphone that I enjoy is when you learn that it has been stolen and that the thieves (novice thieves, as I like to refer to them, *lol*) choose to use the device with your information on it (without wiping data).
Knowing Android Device Manager’s capabilities, you may now download the program, install it on another Android device, and sign in with your Google account (same login details you used on your misplaced or stolen android device). Once this is done, the app will try to find your stolen or misplaced device and its most recent map will be displayed to you.
To wipe all data from the device, you can do a number of activities, including the RING action to locate the device quickly, the reset lock action to change the lock pattern or pin, and the Erase action.
That concludes our discussion of finding any lost or stolen Android phone. If your iPhone device is having the same problem, follow this advice on how to track your iPhone device. Remember to pass along this advice to your friends on social media. Wishing you blessings and exploring this blog for other helpful posts.

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