Why I live in everyday anguish and worry — Buhari on Democracy Day

President Buhari

The President, Muhammadu Buhari revealed on Sunday that he suffers from anguish and anxiety on a daily basis.

Buhari admitted that he was grieving and worried about the victims of terrorist strikes in Nigeria on a daily basis.

He made the announcement during his morning nationwide address to commemorate Democracy Day this year.

Nigeria can only be safe if citizens prevent crime, according to the president.

He stated that his administration is working hard to combat insecurity in partnership with security personnel.

“We can only have a safe country if we are able to prevent crime, not after it has been committed,” Buhari says.

“On this important day, I’d like us to remember and pray for all those who have been victims of terrorist acts. I am grieving and worried for all those who have been victims of terrorism and kidnapping on a daily basis.”

“I and the security services are doing all possible to ensure the safe release of those sad countrymen and countrywomen.”

“We will continue to seek justice for the families of those who have died at the hands of the offenders.” We will not stop until those who are being held captive are freed and their kidnappers are brought to justice.

“If we all work together, we can defeat these terror and devastation agents.”

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