NEWS: My Muslim uncle was shot dead when he was praying, according to Sunday Igboho.

Sunday igboho

Igboho said in a Tribune story that he purposefully ran away from the attack
to spare the lives of his supporters and aides who were housed there.

He said the following in his interview: 

“During an encounter that lasted for more than an hour, DSS fired shots and
barged into my premises.”

“My Muslim uncle was shot and killed while performing prayer right there on
his mat. A second close friend of mine was killed by gunfire.”

In a recent interview, he stated, “I’m returning to Nigeria shortly.”


When they spotted the headline on social media, many Nigerians flooded the
comments.part to express their thoughts. Read Facebook comments from users:

Facebook comment

Be grateful for your life..

RIP to all who lost their lives.


We will support Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu if they establish a political
party. If they succeed in dividing Nigeria, we can all leave together.

All will go nicely. Those that are against you will eventually take
responsibility for their actions.

So why don’t you utilize your purported juju and keep them unjuju na? Run only
to save your life. If we help Tinubu win the election for president, however,
you are free to return. But for the time being, you should stay put.

to watch the video.

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