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How To Promote Your Social Media Pages For Free | Get More Likes and Followers

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Grow social media

If you have been looking for how you can get more likes on your facebook page,  instagram or twitter,  including YouTube videos and subscribers, but you don’t want to pay money for such promotion, then you have come to the end of your search.

The fact is that,  about 90% of social media promoters collect money for boosting pages,  some will even charge you about ₦3,000 for just 1,000 followers for a facebook page. if you are a Nigerian and you still pay another person for boosting your pages,  then you are missing a lot.


In this post I will show you how you can get your page to the highest number of likes or followers that you want in just a short period of time,  it will not even get up-to a week before your page/channel will grow. I believe you must have heard about give and take,  it is a principle that is applicable to any aspect of success in life. If you don’t give, you can’t take, in other words, if you don’t work for it,  you can’t get it.

It is this principle that I’m going to show you how I apply it to gain more than 1,000 followers every week.

How to get free social media followers or likes.

Talking of social media like Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok and any other platform you know,  there is an easy way you can follow to get them promoted for free.
The most common one I use is the Like4Like and Addmefast platform.
Free Facebook Likes
Click on image to register.

What is Like4Like?

Like4Like is a platform that allow users to promote their page,  by offering them a method called Like4Like. When you like other people’s page then you get the same like in return. This is done in a very special way that,  you can earn some coins for liking others page, that coins can then be used to promote any of your social media page the way you want it. Click here to register.
The website is simple and easy to use,  all you need to be eligible for participating in the program is your active email address,  your prefer username and password for signing in. Upon registration,  after you have confirm/verify your email address, a 30 unit free coins will be credited to your account instantly,  you can use this coin to get your first free 30 followers on either facebook,  twitter,  instagram etc. Click on the image below to get started.
Free Facebook Likes
Click on Image to register.

How to get free facebook likes


After a successful registration, navigate to more options button at the top right corner of the page and select Manage pages, you should see the list of all available social media network as in the image above,  select facebook like, and on the next page is where you will add your facebook page link,

Input url

in the space provided for the link, you don’t need to include the prefix “https://” in the URL  address bar,  just type in page’s username) and add some description in the next input area, and select how many coins you want to offer for that person that wants to click on your link,  you can start with 2 as the minimum,  since you are doing it for the first time, then click on submit.

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Scroll down after submitting, on the same page,  you will see the analytics of how many click you have gotten so far, just as in the image above (on the right), check your facebook page to see your followers increase.

Earn more coins to promote your social media page.

When you have exhausted your free 30 coins,  you can’t get any promotion unless you have more coins,  this is where the principle of give and take will work for you.

You have to generate more coins by liking/following others page too. There is an option for using your money to buy coins too,  but if you don’t want to buy you can always get it for free. To get free coins,


navigate to more options at the top right corner of the page and click on “Earn Bonus”

 the list of available bonus will show up,  select the easiest one to complete,  which is facebook like,  and then on the next page you will see two button that will allow you to click and earn coins, just as in the image below, the value of coins depends on how much the user have set,  at least you can get 4 coins for a like,  if you can like 100 facebook page,  then you get 400 coins.
Facebook Like
After clicking on the button it will take you to the page to complete the like task,  click like and wait for 3 seconds and then close the tap and go back to the previous tap, click on confirm and your coins value for that click will be awarded,  if you don’t click on confirm button after the task, then you can’t get any coins.


The Happy Hours:

Happy hour

This is the time when the bonus value of every click will be increased by 1 and this usually last for about 45-50 minutes during the midnight only,  starting from 12am,  so if you can spend your time accumulating more coins,  then you’ll get to promote your page on time.

What is Addmefast and how it works.

Addmefast is the same function with Like4Like where you exchange followers, likes and subscribers, the only difference here is that,  the points earning in Addmefast platform is more greater than this Like4Like,  when you complete a task for either a facebook like,  you will earn up-to 15-42 points and the minimum you can get is 5-9 sometimes,  so this platform also have some other feature like using your points to exchange with crypto currency.

How to use Addmefast platform.

You can simply register by clicking here,  after registration, you will need to confirm your email address to receive the welcome bonus points worth of 2,500 points.

To earn more points, navigate to more options button and click on Daily bonus,  a drop down list will display,  select facebook post like or any of the option you prefer as in the image above. Then you should see next,  the page for facebook post like,  click to like and then go back to confirm your point after liking the page on facebook. Sometimes when you click the confirm button and your points has been added to you balance,  you need to refresh the page for a new task to display, just like the one in the image below.
Earn points
Accumulate more points and then use this points to place your own ads for promoting your page,  navigate to more options button,  and select My Ads, in the next page click on Insert Your Ad button just as in the image below.


Insert ads
Then select which of the social media you want to promote and  fill in your page details, full link and description, add the CPC (cost per click) value minimum is 5,  then hit on submit.


You can always track you page growth using the analytics dash board on the ads placement page,  just as in the image above.
This is basically how you can promote your facebook page with these two different platform,  you can promote your page for free,  do this everyday for like one month,  I  bet your page will get more than 10,000 followers, click here to register your own account now and start getting free likes and followers.
If you found this post useful,  kindly use the share button below to let your friends too know about this,  thanks a lot for reading,  if you have any question,  let me know in the comment section below, or you can click the WhatsApp button to join us on our channel,  let interact.  Good bye!

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