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What is Ghuslu(Ritual Birth)

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What is Ghusl – Taking Major Ritual Birth? 

Some thing we do every day? Yes! It is a birth of ritual purity in islam. Ghusl is made to purify the body from Dirt.

If you are not ritually pure, you can not perform some important religious deed, like reading the qur’an, entering the mosque or even performing prayers. Allah love those who are always with purity. 

How much time and effort do you put into learning the correct manner of Ghusl, how consciously and how well you perform the Ghusl, shows your concern with the way you stand before Allah, because 

Al-Ghusl Amana, Bainal Abdu, wa rabbihi. ( Ghusl is a trust between you and your lord, Allah.)

The importance of Ghusl.

Ghusl is very important in our daily routine, as a muslim you need to be pure all the time. This ghusl is done when never there is any type of impurity in our body, either it is a minor or major impurity. 
What are the Minor and Major impurities? 
    »JANNABAH(Sexual intercourse and ejaculation).
    »HAYDH (Menstruation or Periods). 
    »NIFAAS (menstruation or blood flow after delivery of a new born baby).

How to Perform Ghusl (The Obligatory Aspect).

To perform purification from the minor purity, you just need to renew your 
Wudhu(ablution), and for the major impurity of Ghusl can be perform in two (2) ways: 
Ghusl division
Types of Ghusl Performance 
1. COMPLETE WITH SUNNAH ACTS(of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh).
2. OBLIGATORY ACTS (that is only doing some portion) and the obligatory acts of this Ghusl include: 
  • NIYYAH (intention of purification) that you are taking this birth to purify your body out from the major ritual impurity.
  • POURING WATER ALL OVER ENTIRE BODY (at least once, and making sure it reach the Scalp).

When you are done with that, then you have purify your self from major ritual impurities. As for the 

Complete Ghusl (with SUNNAH of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).
Ghusl sunnah

It is the Mustahab(what we love to do), and this is how Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, use to carry out his Ghusl.

This is how it is done:
  • NIYYAH (intention of purification) that you want to purify yourself from the major impurity, then say; 
  •  BISMILLAH (in the name of Allah).
  • WASH PRIVATE PART (with left hand and anywhere else that is contaminated with traces of impurity) then make a, 
  • COMPLETE WUDHU (just like you use to do when you want to perform salaat) then pour, 
  • WATER OVER YOUR HEAD (at least three times, making sure it reach your scalp and the entire body). 
Some of the scholars said, three times means, ONCE ON THE RIGHT, ONCE ON THE LEFT, and then IN THE CENTER, and finally 
POUR WATER ( to wash the entire body, right side first then the left and rub with hands very well so that you will be sure you didn’t miss any part out side washing).


Ghusl is pouring water all over the body, if you are wearing a ring, you have to move it or remove, if it is so tight.
Cosmetic items prevent water from reaching the skin, must be taking off. 

A narration from Umul-Mumineen Maymoonah RA mentioned that, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, moved away from the spot that he made Ghusl and then he washed his feet. Some narration said, the Prophet only wash his feet after Ghusl, only when it is required.
etiquette of Ghusl
That is the Complete Etiquette of Ghusl.

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