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How To Convert A Portable Document Format(PDF) In to An Editable Microsoft Word Format.

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Welcome to Utilitarian Blog post where you learn various kinds of stuff that makes life much more easier and today we are going to show you how to convert that untouchable PDF file into editable Microsoft Word Format. 

PDF files is a Portable Document Format,  which are used as a means to share files of any kind,  either text,  images,  clip arts, photos,  graphics and the like,  compressed and transferable  from one computer tool to another regardless of the software been used. The PDF files can be used portable as the name implies as long as any PDF viewer tool is available, such as the Adobe file reader,  WPS, File reader and the rest. 

Secondly, the PDF file is compactable because any computer professional should be able to convert PDF file without loosing quality of the files. 

So due to that reason, I will be showing you how to convert a PDF file to an editable Microsoft Word Format using a free and easy method,  just read till the end of this article,  I bet you won’t regret reading. 

Conversion of PDF

How to convert a PDF file into a Microsoft word format.

1. Firstly, open any Web Browser and type in this web address “

PDF convert

2. After the page is loaded successful, you should see the button for select PDF file. Now Click on Select PDF file.

Select file

3. A dialogue box will open for you where you will locate and select the PDF file you wish to convert.

Dialogue box

4. After selecting the PDF file, click on Convert to Word at the lower right hand side of your screen.


5. After running and loading for short amount of time (1 minute max), you will see a write up like your PDF document and which show that your document has been converted to editable Microsoft Word document. 

Download file

6. Finally, at this stage you can click on the download button to save your new file to your preferred location on your computer system,  (the Microsoft word editable file)

This is simply the easiest and free way you can use to convert your PDF into an editable Microsoft office format.  Thanks a lot for reading,  in case you have any questions,  kindly leave your questions in the comments box below and please do share this important tip with your fellow friends,  kind regards.  Utilitarian Tech


Please Share this Post. Thanks!

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