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Qasida Sorimam: Sheikh Ibrahim Niass RTA, Audio, Video and PDF Download

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 In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Please and blessings of Allah be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad, his progeny and companions.


اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَىٰ سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ ❁ الْفَاتِحِ لِمَا أُغْلِقَ ❁ وَالْخَاتِمِ لِمَا سَبَقَ ❁ نَاصِرِ الْحَقِّ بِالْحَقِّ ❁ وَالْهَادِي إِلَىٰ صِرَاطِكَ الْمُسْتَقِيمِ ❁ وَعَلَىٰ آلِهِ حَقَّ قَدْرِهِ وَمِقْدَارِهِ الْعَظِيمِ

Allahummah sali alaa sayiddinaa Muhammad, al-faatihi limaa ughuliqa, wal-khaatimi limaa sabaqa, naasiri-l-haqq bil haqq, wal-haadii ilaa siraatika-l-mustaqeem, wa alaa aalihi, haqqa qadrihi wa miqdaarihi-l-adheem!

Oh Allah, Bless our Master Muhammad, the Opener of what has been Closed, the Seal of what had gone before(Antiquity), Helper of the Truth by the Truth, the Guide to Your Straight path, and upon his households, as is the due of his immense position and grandeur!

Qasida Soriman Waslal Gawaani

By Sheikh Ibrahim Niass RTA 

from the book of Tania
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صارمن وصل الغوانى – واعتزل ذكر األ غا نى

وارم بالبیض الحسا ن – واسل مختوم الدنانى

1) Be cut off from all attachments and attractions of Beauty Pageants. And keep 

your distance from being consumed by Musical entertainment. 

And discard the vain desire and lust for Attractive and gorgeous women. And Seek 

for the attainment of that knowledge concealed in the Goblets.

والمألھى والمغانى – من كران اومبانى

كل ذى ویك سراب – وابغ روحا للمعانى

2) All these places of Amusements and musical concerts, Emanating from public 

places and lofty Buildings. 

All these are mere phantoms and useless mirage. Therefore, let the Soul yearn for 

that which is more meaningful.

عین ھاء حق حق – تا لیا سبع المثانى

بصفات الذات حقا – رتبة لیست لثانى

3) The Essence of Divine letter ‘Haa’ connotes the Truth of Reality. Be constantly 

entrenched in Recitations of the 7 Verses (Suratul Fatihah i.e. observe salat).

Along with the perception of the Divine Attributes Truly and Forthrightly being like 

second to None. 

فھو مختار البرایا – قبل تكوین الكیانى

برزت حضرة طھ – قبل تكوین المكان

4) For he (RasuuluLLaah) was the Divinely Chosen for the entire Humanity; prior to 

the manifestation of All Creations that exists.

The Primordial Presence of Taa-ha Had already been conspicuous reality before the 

origin of any Cosmic Place was created into existence.

ولھ عمر طویل – قبل تقدیر ازمان

إننى قبل البرایا – حبھ شغل الجنانى

5) He has long been in encompassing Primordial and conscious existence Before the 

Divine Decree of The Timeless Time.

Indeed I, (Ibrahim Niass) even before the coming into existence of All Mankind, His 

Quintessential Love had already been the preoccupation of my Heart 

فھو اكلى وشرابى – وھو دینى وجنانى

وھو أنسى وھوكنزى – وامینى وامانى

6) His Love had always been my Sustainance and my Drinks. He is my Religious Way 

of Life and Luxurious and Heavenly lifestyle.

His Love is my Nature and Character and His Love is my Wealth. He is my 

Trustworthy Friend and My Secured Fortifications.

ورفیقى وطریقى – وجوادى وسنانى

وربوعى وقصورى – وھو خیرات الحسانى

7) He (Muhammad SAWS) is my Sole Reliable Companion and my righteous Path and 

source of Magnanimity, Generosity and my Hospitable Succorrer. 

His Love is my residential Quarters and lofty Palaces, And He is the exemplary 

extrapolation of the Beauty of my Consorts.

وھو بیعى وشرائ – وھو حرثى وجنانى

لیس لي غیر المقفى – ولذا تام جنانى

8) He is my Selling and Purchasing and Trading Merchandise. He is the Cultivation of 

my Farms and the Fertility of my Farmlands. I have none other than the most Worthy 

and Purified One, and for this reason is my Heart and Soul fully filled.

آلترى ذكر سواه – في فؤادى او لسانى

ان ارى ذكرسواه – غیر لھو ومجانى

9) You will never see any Eulogies without mention of him – from my Heart and Soul 

or expression of my tongue. Indeed I see mentioning all else but him as nothing but 

distraction and valueless. 

وامتداح لسواه – طیف جن : آلعرانى

إننى طول حیاتى – رب امن وامانى

10) And any Eulogies for anyone without mention of him must be like horrible 

hallucinations of Jinn: Never shall I be found there. Indeed, be it known, that 

throughout my whole life Almighty Lord Allah, is my ultimate Refuge and Eternal 


إلنتصارى بالمفدى – وھوعینى وعیانى

ففؤادى مذ زمان – فى جدید الھیمانى

11) My Triumph is persistently achieved by virtue of the Redeemed One; he is my 

very Essence of Existence and my very Physical Characteristics. Behold, my very 

Heart and Cognitive Faculties, Ever since timeless time is immersed in renewed trend 

of Constant state of infatuation.

وحبیبى مذ شفانى – وصفالى قد محانى

وھوالعبد وأیضا – رمزه ھاء التدانى

12) He (Muhammad) is my Faithful Lover since he has healed me and purified me 

from contamination and annihilated me in his Love. And He is the Beloved Divine 

Servant nd time and again Who’s Sacred Sign is the Letter Haau (in Allah) that 

guides me in Nearness (with Allah) 

وھو عین اإلسم والحر – ف لتحقیق المانى

وحبیبى ومعادى -. فى تقاص وتدانى

13) He is the Quintessential Extrapolator of The Paramount Divine Name and Letter 

For the Realization of Divine Knowledge Perceptions and innate Meanings. And he is 

my Sole Beloved through whom is my attainment of Reunion, In the Realms of Distant 

Removal and the Realms of Nearness 

وھودائ ودوائ – قد برانى وشفانى

لیتھ الوقت حبانى – وصلھ فھو كفانى

14) Again He is my disease and my remedial Panacea. He has overwhelmingly caused 

me to be emaciated and got me Healed. How I wish Time would have been in my favor 

to have encountered with his mundane presence, That would have sufficed me 

داء شوقي كل وقت – فى شدید الھیجانى

ذل نفسى وھوانى – مفخرى روض الجنان

15) The Remedy for my absorbing fascination, every moment of time is found in the 

vigorous intensity of my exciting turmoil. My self degrading Humility and my low and 

contemptible abasement is tantamount to my glorious traits and Gardens of Paradise 

ما بقى لى من بقاء – من غرامى وحنانى

وزفیرى وبكاء – وارانى ال ارانى

16) Nothing did remained for me from the rest of remnants Out of my Passionate 

Love and infatuation and my affectionate tenderness And from my emotional Grief 

and Tears of Sorrow, I see me, yet I see me not (in all of these things)

الءمى فارث لحالى – قد دھانى ما دھانى

كم خلیل قد جفانى – لغرامى ورمانى

17) Oh you accusing fault-finder (of mine), feel pity for my plight and predicament 

I have been inflicted with whatever was used to inflict me How many bosom friends

has ridiculously turned away from me, For my passionate love and threw stuffs on 

me with vituperations ?

رب صنو كنت ارجوا – وصلھ ثم جفانى

ونھانى ولحانى – وشجانى ونفانى

18) Many an intimate brother, for whom I had affectionately sought for his 

attainment of Divine Knowledge, then cruelly turned against me? 

Again renounced with interdiction and subjected me with invective defamation Got 

me troubled with grief and sadness and thereafter banished me 

لیس لى الیوم خلیل – غیر ما منك اتانى

غیر ھذا قد قال نى – عاذال لى كل آنى

19) Therefore, I have no bosom Friend, this very Day, other than what You, (Beloved) 

had given me. 

Other than this blessing have treated me with hate, reproved me with stern 

reproachment, every now and then.

مزقوا جلدى جھارا – اخرجونى من مكانى

دون ذنب غیر انى – حب طھ فى جنان

20) The have shredded all over my body physically and publicly; they forcibly drove 

me out from my place of residence. Without committing any act of sin, except that, 

my heart is completely full of the passionate love for the Perfect One (Ta-Ha).

وأرى لو مزقونى – بمواضى الھندوانى

وارانى لست الفى – تائبا مر األوانى

21) And I could see that had they shredded my entire body with the sharp edged 

Hindustani Warrior Swords. And I could see me never submitting nor surrendered 

in humiliating repentance: Even though those times have elapsed 

لم ینالوا ما أرادوا – قد مضى ذا وكفانى

عللونى جیرتى من – ذكر من یتلوا المثانى

22) They never achieved what they wanted, yet that episode has come to pass and I 

am amply pleased and satisfied. Come on fill me and my environment from the 

uplifting Dhikr of all Devotees who are involved in the recitations of the divine 


رددوالى ذكره حي – ن صفالى و حمانى

وكفانى طھ حبا – ال ابالى من قآلنى

23) Keep constant and repetitive hymns of eulogizing of the Prophet for me Since 

He Purified, Fortified and removed all troubles and Protected me from harms way. 

Therefore I am satisfied by the Love of the Perfect Messenger, I don’t care about 

those who loathe nor viciously hated me.

لست اخشى كید اعداء – و آل جور الزمان

فمكانى فى زمانى – وزمانى فى مكانى

24) I am not all afraid of the evil scheme and machinations of enemies. Nor the 

oppressive dictatorship by the regime of the time. 

For my divinely ordained place could be verified in my period of time; and the 

duration of my time shall be perceived by my Divinely Ordained Place 

وصآلة و سآلم – فى تصارایف األوانى

من ذوات الذات تترى – نحو طھ ما كفانى

25) All divine blissful benedictions along with peaceful salutations emanating from 

the divine treasures from. All periods of time and space from the Attributes of 

Divine Essence of all Essences in infinite Succession, be showered upon the Perfect 

Man Ta-ha to my uttermost satisfaction

ثم آل و صحاب – صارمو ا وصل الغوانى

26) Likewise be showered upon his progeny and virtuous companions, all of whom have 

cut themselves off from the attractions of beauty pageants. 

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