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What You Don’t Know About Bitcoin | Wallet | Mining

What are Bitcoins?

We are going to Define Bitcoins in its simplest forms and also explain the basics of the Tech behind Bitcoins!

So, what is the simplest way to define Bitcoins?
Bitcoins is Internet Money!

That’s the simplest definition someone can give you about the cryptocurrency right now and we are basically going to be expanding on the definition below.

It gives you the idea that;

1. Bitcoin is Money
2. The Money that you spend on the Internet alone. Otherwise known as a digital currency.
And that’s the fact actually.

Bitcoin is currently trending online now and so many Nigerians are making use of it to do online businesses. I think this is the best time to know what is bitcoin all about.

What is the nature of bitcoin? [Lay man’s Explanation]
Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. That means no one control bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin are digital coins you can send through the internet without visiting bank.

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.

It is transfered from me to you directly and nothing else in the middle of it all!

Key Features of Bitcoin
This will help you to understand the bitcoin better. As well as show you what exactly the cryptocurrency can do and how you can get it for free.

Peer-to-peer means that the  bitcoin can also be transfer from one person to person via the internet without going to bank or clearing houses.There are many numbers of site that has scammed alot of people and many have lose their money on bitcoin investment, the problem is, no one know which site is real or fake, and when to invest or not.

Learn about P2P by creating a Binance account for free,  click here now to get started. 

Binance is the platform where you can buy and sell your crypto currency and get your money directly to your bank account.

I’ll to show you how you can start earning free cryptocurrency and do your investment easily and peaceful without you having any doubt about your money, because I have once fall into a victim too, but a mistake made once is a trial for correction and lesson to learn, once beat twice shy, I don’t want you to fall a victim too, so one have to just be very careful. 





Faucet crypto

»Earn Free Crypto:
Faucet Crypto is a cryptocurrency platforms that pay his user with free cryptocurrency like bitcoin,  etherium, tron etc, directly their user’s wallet when ever they performed a specific task on the platform. 

»Faucet Crypto Task:

The task is as easy as ABC,  all you need to do is to watch ads (advertisement) for some second like 16 seconds or 40 seconds at Max and you will earn a certain quantity of coins which will  then be converted to any cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw,  this is real and I have been withdrawing from this platform,  I have my testimony,  just read on… 

»How to Withdraw Your Earning:

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you get 1000 coins,  then you can go ahead and click on the withdrawal option in the menu bar, you will need your wallet address of either blockchain wallet or that of trust wallet to get your cryptocurrency directly to your wallet. You can do other types of withdrawal which is to your faucetpay account,  if you don’t have it,  click here to create one now.  

When you get up-to 1000 coins you can request for withdrawal and select the type of cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw, and input your wallet address and your cryptocurrency will be sent directly to the wallet address you have provided. 



Start Mining

Hashing24 is the easiest and most convenient way to mine new bitcoin at a very low price. 
You can select the type of contract you want to buy with them,  your mining machine will be ready after purchase and it stkart working,  I mean mining of bitcoin into your account daily,  without any delay.  With bitcoin mining you can make billion of dollars in just one year.

There has never been a better time to join billion dollars industry!

Click the link below to get started on hashing24 HOW IT WORKS|CLOUD MINING MAKE EASY


You won’t afford to miss out the latest Promo,  hurry and apply for it before it ends. Click on the image below to get started. 



Earn Bitcoins while using Google Chrome and your Android or iPhone device.

You can double your earnings by Inviting your active friends who will invite their friends too – and start making real money! Earn more than 1 BTC!


CryptoTab available on Desktop/Android and iPhone device, via Chrome and Firefox browsers

Available on the
Google Play Store. Get it now Download and start earning

How to withdraw your earnings on cryptotap

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00001 BTC, You have to accumulate up-to that amount before you can request for a withdrawal.

For Android /iPhone,  Click on the Option button and click on the three dots near to your email address, you see the option for withdraw as show in the image below;
Withdrawal options

Input address

After inputing your wallet address,  click on with,  you will see a confirmation screen asking you to confirm your withdrawal from your mail box. 

After the confirmation of the email you will receive a Final notification upon your confirmation,  this is to verify that it is you that make the withdrawal,  after two days your withdraw process will be completed and your bitcoin will be transferred directly to your wallet. 

Received bitcoin

You can see from the above image that I just did a complete withdrawal and was processed,  I received the bitcoin into my wallet,  so what are you waiting for? Start using CryptoTap too today,  on your Android /iPhone device – Download here

Checkout PAXFUL


Paxful is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin marketplace connecting buyers of cryptocurrency with sellers. Simply select your preferred payment method and type in how many bitcoins you need, and boom!  Your cryptocurrency is delivered to your active wallet. 


This is just like your bank account which stores your money, you need a Bitcoin wallet in order to store and send your Bitcoins.
The Bitcoins are stored in the wallets inform of an address,  from where you can spend them.


There are various types of bitcoin wallets you can use to store your bitcoin.

Choosing a wallet is easy, but there are lots of different options such as; , coinsbank,, Airbitz Breadwallet just to mention a few out of hundreds.

The most important distinction about this wallet is whether you control your own bitcoins just like a physical cash wallet or you have to trust someone else to hold your bitcoins for you.

So therefore, the best bitcoin wallet for individual or user to use is “” as this blockchain wallet is safe and secure all the time,  another one is Trust Wallet,  you can get those wallet ready for yourself all for free. 

Are you a Nigerian? I think it is best time for every Nigerians to hold their bitcoins themselves so that everyone can equally control the bitcoin transaction effectively and interms of portability. You can have as many different Bitcoin wallets as you want, but it’s easiest to get started with a wallet for your iPhone or Android device so that you will have your bitcoins with you wherever you go.

You can also choose luno wallet, it is best for you in Nigeria, as you can convert your bitcoin into cash and send it directly to your bank account easily.

For Nigerians who wish to save bitcoin easily,  I recommend you to start with Luno Wallet, Sign up for Luno and get NGN 1000.00 worth of Bitcoin when you buy or sell NGN 5,000.00 (exchange excluded), using LUNO WALLET Best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria, Create your own wallet now Click on the link to get started for free. 

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