How To Compress Image Size, Without Losing Its Quality.

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Compress image

Compress Any Image Without Losing Its Quality.

Image compression is the process by which an image size is reduce in order to minimize or optimize storage space.

Image compression has become very essential and very important now a days, most especially for internet base purpose like uploading for use as passport or blog post, for a faster web  page loading, page images have to be compress or optimize.

There are some other benefits of optimizing image size, for example include;

Less space consumption 

Easy transmission of images between devices  and time saving in term of loading and processing across platforms.

There are two major image compression format which include the JPEG and the GIF format.

There are other format  too like the PNG and TIFF but the commonly used format are those of jpeg and gif because it is faster and reliable when it comes to processing and storage optimization respectively.

Without wasting much of your time, let dive into the topic of discussion.

How to compress image:  There are different ways in which you can use to compress image;

The use of WhatsApp

Image compression

I’m sure you are familiar with the WhatsApp messenger but I don’t think you have the idea of how it reduce image size,  WhatsApp frameware usually compress any image that is sent to any chat before the user received it,  have you ever notice that before? If you haven’t then get to know that today.

You might be thinking that how is it possible for you to reduce image size with WhatsApp,  it is simple all you need to do is to open a chat with your registered WhatsApp number and then send the image you wish to compress  to the chat and boom! your image is compressed, so do you know how to send a chat to your own WhatsApp number?

You can do this by creating this link on your browser, starting with your country code for me, I’m in nigeria so I will use  + 234 as my country code.
So the original link will looks like this:
Continue to chat
Then a page will be displayed, like the one in the image above, click on CONTINUE  TO CHAT and then wait for it to open, after that send a message to your phone number.
You don’t need to on data network for the 
next steps.
You will then Choose the image you want to compress just by uploading it to the chat and then the image will be compressed automatically by WhatsApp application.
Considering the image below

Click on the link icon to select an image to be compressed, and then choose gallery.

After selection of image from your gallery,  then send it to the chat and that is all, the image is compressed. You can send many images to this chat 
since nobody will be receiving the message.
Since the image is compressed,  you might want to use the image somewhere else,  so you need to move the image from 
WhatsApp folder in the file manager.
Just locate the WhatsApp folder and select media folder.
Locate image file

And then WhatsApp images, open the sent folder and you should see the compressed image.
You can use this method for more than one image and you don’t need to on data network before you can do this method of image compression. 
This method is more easy and time saving than any other ways of compressing image because there are many other ways you can use to compress image,  for example using other image compression application or using the online platform to compress your image,  below are the list of some website that can be used to compress image and maintain it quality. 
Some of the website may not give you the accurate size you need,  so you will need to re-upload again and again to get the size you need,  but with this method of WhatsApp it is straight forward,  it reduces image size to the least compression level. 

Thanks alot for reading,  for more clarity and understanding,  you can watch the video of this post on our YouTube channel. 
In case if you have any doubt,  you can drop your comment below and I will attend to every single comment of yours. 

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