How To Add a Subscribe Button To Your YouTube Video – CTA Button

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How to Add CTA animation button to your YouTube video. 

As a small youtube content creator,  who need more people to subscribe to
your channel, there are some settings you need to implement on your channel
for a very fast growing channel,  which among those settings is adding a
subscribe button,  also known as the call to action button (CTA), 
in case if you have not read the post on
How to set up a fast growing channel,  kindly check it now before reading this post on CTA

CTA means Call To Action.  Which is used to tell viewers what you want
them to do while they watch your videos. You can add this animation to your
videos using any video editing software that support the Chroma key
features,  which there are variety of such application for computer and
mobile users,  as a beginner you can start with your computer base and
the software

I will recommend you start with is called Kdenlive, if you don’t have a
personal computer or a laptop you can get the
video editor, which is available on both Android and iPhone devices,  I
will be using kinemaster for this tutorial on how you can add a green screen
subscribe button to YouTube video,  so let’s get started. 


and install Kinemaster Pro version 

Get a
green screen subscribe animation clip,  you can search on
YouTube to download
your preferred one. 

After getting the green animation clip,  open Kinemaster and create a new
project ( by pressing the “+” button ) with resolution for YouTube video which
is 16:9.

Green screen layer

Click on media to import the video you want to add the subscribe button, then
click on layer to add the green screen animation clip to the video 

You will see a green background on the video just as in the image above, 
your aim is to remove the green background and resize the animation to fit the
main video. 


Select the animation clip on the layer and navigate to Chroma key option in
the settings,

adjusting Chroma

1. click and adjust the Chroma
key until the green background disappeared completely.

2. click on the mark button at
the top left corner of the screen and resize the subscribe animation clip to
fit the video, 


you should resize it so that it won’t be too big or too small,  for
clearity purpose.  After you have remove the green background you can
duplicate the animation clip and make it appear in your video like 2 or 3
times,  either at the beginning,  middle and at the end of the video
to keep your viewers in touch with the subscribe button. 

Exporting video

Finally,  click on the export button at the top left corner of the
screen, as in the image above and then select the resolution to be either HD
720p, SD 540p, or 480p depending on the type of quality you want the video to
be and then click export to render your video and that is all,  the video
will be stored under internal storage of your device,  in a folder named
Kinemaster »» Export files.

That’s all for this tutorials,  if you found this very useful, 
kindly share it with your friends. Thanks for reading. 

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