How To Set Up A Fast Growing Youtube Channel.

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YouTube has been in existence for over 10 years and there is no any  video platform like YouTube in all over the globe.

YouTube is a very useful video platforms that help people who are looking for knowledge, news or even business tips and how to make something meaningful for their daily life activities.

Who is a YouTube Creator

Is a person, usually a member of YouTube platform who create and make interesting videos for YouTube visitors. A YouTube creator must have a Google account, each creator is entitled to his/her channel name and this channel is where the creator uploads their videos so that YouTube will then distribute it to the people who are looking for that particular type of video.

You too can be a YouTube creator if you have the passion for it, but you can’t just be an ordinary YouTube creator, there are things you must know and get use to it before you can be a professional YouTube creator.

Getting started with being a YouTube creator.

Before you engage yourself into being a YouTube creator, you must know the answer to the following questions:

What is your purpose on YouTube?

Why do you want to start YouTube business?

What is your niche going to be?

What will your channel name going to be? 

In setting up your channel there are things you have to consider and put into place, if you want a very fast growing channel and these include:

YouTube Channel Name:

You must make a very good research in choosing a name for your channel, because there are many creator on YouTube who might have the same channel as yours,  the same type of niche and even the same channel name, but you have to be unique, I mean your channel have to stand out from others.

Channel description

Channel Description:

This is very important as it will help tell people what is your channel all about , what type of content you upload and when you do your uploads, either daily, weekly or twice in a day, once a week or twice, dong this will hinder people visiting your channel to subscribe. The sad news is that, some creator do not have channel description on their channel which is very bad, may be its because they have no idea about it, or they do not know what to write as the description. Below is a sample text of how your channel description can be,

“Hi there, welcome to my channel, where you get interesting videos on news, knowledge, health tips and care, how to and style and lot more. I upload two videos every week, on Monday and Friday, for you not miss out on any of my upload, kindly Subscribe now and turn on the notification bell. Link here”

You can even modify the sample above to your own write-up, you just have to be very creative.


The Channel icon/logo:

Channel icon describe your channel as a whole because, it is this icon that will be displayed to visitors outside the YouTube platform. If your channel doesn’t have this icon, people will reason that, this is just an ordinary channel that doesn’t have good contents, I hope you get the logic.

So therefore create a very unique and a fancy looking logo for your channel, you can use your picture if you wish, or you don’t have idea of which logo to you use or how to create one, you can simply ask a friend to that for you if he/she have knowledge of graphics designs or you can contact Utilitarian for your logo designs now at an affordable price, click here to message me on WhatsApp.


Sample file

Channel Art Banner:

This is another very important part of your channel that must be present and it has to be a fancy looking, the YouTube channel art carry your channel name, the logo and the niche is possible designed it in such a way that it will look eye catchy and this is to make your channel to more professional. This channel art banner as its own default size which is 2,560px by 1,440px and its inner area for visibility on mobile, and tablet view, below is an example of how the art banner looks.


Default size

YouTube Channel Art Dimensions
You can design yours or contact utilitarian to help you with a perfect design at a very cheap price, click here to start a conversation on WhatsApp.


Water mark

Video water mark:

This is a 150px by 150px logo that will always display at the bottom right of a playing video on YouTube, when viewer click on it, subscribe option will pop up, this is another way of getting more subscribers, you can set this up under the channel customization panel where you will see the option to add a channel art banner and the channel logo.

Channel link

YouTube Channel links and Email Address:

After setting up your channel art banner, the next thing to add is the links, the links to your social media and WhatsApp and also your email address so that people can connect with you easily in case if they need your help and if you are able to render the service to them , that person will feel good and subscribe your channel not only that, they will also share and like your videos. So it is a best practice to include this part on your channel.


YouTube Channel layout and look:

In this section of your channel, you will set up the appearance of your channel homepage and this include, recent uploads area, playlist, popular video and most importantly, is the welcome trailer for your channel, this is a short video that you can use to welcome people to your channel, this video may include your intro and Outro video, your channel niche and even your channel social media handles.


YouTube Channel Playlist and Its Descriptions:

In setting up your playlist, you must make sure that in each playlist, it contain unique set of videos that goes in line with playlist’s title and each of the playlist should have its description, that’s what visitor will see or watch in that particular playlist, doing this will help your visitors to locate what they are looking for on your channel very easily.

Make an Intro and Outro video: This is very essential for all your videos, intro video is a short video that may include your channel name and its title or niche, in a very short manner of view. You can add this short clip to your video, either at the beginning or immediately after an introductory part of your video, for the outro clip, this may include the like and share button including the thanks for watching statement.

End screen

Video End screen clip:

An End screen is that part of YouTube setting that add some recommended videos to the screen of a video on watch, this is usually at 20 seconds (for videos of length 3-4 minutes and above) towards the end of the video, some end screen comes up at 15 seconds (for videos less than 2 minutes), depending on the length of the video. You might be thinking that is this necessary, yes it is, because it will help your old videos get more views, always add an end screen to your videos before you make it go public. You can customize an end screen clip if you wish; you just have to make it not greater than 20 seconds. You can check the sample of my channel end screen in the video below.


Upload default

Upload Defaults:

Set up a default setting for all your uploads, this is a function under the YouTube studio setting, before you can do this you have to login to and navigate to settings, then click on upload default, you should see the settings that can be set as a default for all the video that will be uploaded in future by you, this include the title, description and the tags. This means that you can set some write-up and then change it later.

YouTube app

Uses of YouTube mobile application:

The YouTube app provides an advance method of channel option, it is now easy on the mobile app for you to upload and edit video properties, like add title, description, tags and much more, the only thing you can’t add is the custom thumbnail, but this option is available in the YT Studio app, so it is recommended that you get the two apps installed on your android or tablet device.

Most importantly,  SEO plugins App,  I will leave you with the one I’m using to grow my channel,  it’s called VidIQ vision.
Use this link to get your own free account. The extension is available on both computer, using the chrome browser and also on Android / iPhone device,  but you need to power it up using another browser called Yandex Browser, before you can be able to make use of this extension on your phone. Check out this video on how to install VidIQ on your Android / iPhone device. How to Install VidIQ extension on Android phone, watch now on YouTube.
That’s all for now,  if you need more information, consider chatting me on Whatsapp.

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