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How To Get More Subscribers And Viewers On Your YouTube Channel

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Are you wondering why you will post videos on YouTube and you will discovered that nobody is watching your videos, despite the fact that you have a good video contents.

Don’t be worried, it’s just a normal thing and it once happened to every single creator on YouTube; to fix this, all you need is to know how to make people watch your videos and this is the final research you ate doing here on this page, just relax and read this article to the end and you will discover the secret about YouTube platform.


Five secret

In the YouTube community, there are many big YouTube partners with many followers, all you need to do is to locate those with similar content to what your content is all about and always try to make comment on their videos, by commenting on their video you will then use some logic and style to call the attention of others from among his/her followers to check out your channel for a similar video of that one they have watched and you don’t have to tell them to subscribe, believe me that if they found your content very good and useful, they will surely subscribe and even share your videos, you just need to be very creative and have good video contents on your channel that are  worth watching.

Another secret is the use of the promotion button on your channel or that of Facebook page, in order to reach more people in less time you have to use ads to promote your videos.

Finally, this secret is very important and that is the use of plug-in; what do you understand by plug-in, it is a software program that can be used on a browser like the chrome browser, which support the browsing experience of a user through a specific website. There are some plug-in that can be used to access the data of other website, that a user is browsing on, example include the tube buddy and the VidIQ extension, which works for access YouTube platform data and information of videos.

VidIQ is my best extension I used on my channel to boost videos views and more subscribers to my channel. When you start using this extension you will love it and it will really help your channel to grow faster, click here to open a VidIQ account today, registration is free, but for a faster and full experience use of this extension, you just have to upgrade to either pro or the boost version at a very affordable price.


The following tips can help you get more viewers and subscriber if you can implement it properly on your channel, and these include:

Channel Uniqueness: What I mean by this is that , you have to make your channel stand out from others, you have to make sure that there are no other channel that is bearing your channel’s name, everything about your channel must be different from others people who are posting the similar type of your content. Check out this post on how to set up a YouTube channel for faster growth.

The Use of Compelling titles: You don’t just add any title to your video, you have to think about what to use that if you make use of it, will anybody click on it just because of how interesting the title is? That is the question you will always ask yourself when you’re trying to create a compelling title for your video, then you must know what people are looking for, what they want to watch and know about, where and when to upload your video content.

The use of “How to” “How I” warning title or even an outcome given title like “The most dangerous place in the world” and the likes can drive viewers and subscribers to your channel.

The Use of Catchy Thumbnails: I guess that you know what a video thumbnail is all about; it is the first image that will be displayed on a video to a viewer before clicking to watch the video.

If you have a very good looking thumbnail with a very high resolution on your videos, there will be a vey good chance for people to click on your video. The use of funny thumbnail for funny videos and otherwise is very important, make your video thumbnail to fit the YouTube actual video size of 16:9 (1280 x 720) for horizontal videos and 9:16 (720 x 1280) the units is in pixels, for vertical videos which is sweet able for the YouTube shorts.

The Use of SEO(search engine optimization): Optimizing your videos for search engine ready, that is, to make some necessary setup for your videos for search engine to be able to see your video, this brings us to the keywords research and how to do this research is very simple, all you need to do is to use YouTube search bar to see the concurrent search keywords by viewers but that is not enough for your keyword research, another way you can use is installation of  the SEO plug-in on your channel and this include the VidIQ vision extension, this extension only works on Google chrome browser for desktop or laptop computer user, but if you don’t have a computer system, you can also power up this extension on your Android or iPhone device using some extension enabled browser, click here to watch a video on how to install VidIQ on your Phone. 

Plan your contents: Planning your content is one of the important facts to know, because YouTube algorithm is so strict that, it will ignore any channel with no content planning. You must plan your content , on what to create and for whom to be created for , you should not post random content that will confuse your viewers, they will unsubscribe if care is not taken, always post content with similar topics, repeat again and again in a very different manner with an effective and in a very unique ways and most importantly, always tell your viewers at the end of your video,  what your next video will be all about, doing this will help you get back the viewer to your channel. 

Make Ever Green Contents: An evergreen content are those type of videos that still get viewers after many years of publishing, example of those content include, health tips, educative videos and the like, you can just make update on those content in the future, that is to make a better version of it. 

What’s Trending: You need to know, what are people watch currently, similar to your niche, find out and make your own video on it, in a very detailed way, if possible include something useful that other creators never included in their videos. You can use the VidIQ trends feature to keep you alert with what is trending from you competitor videos, don’t forget that any YouTube creator who have the same niche as yours is your competitor, so you need to study them and do better than them, VidIQ can help you keep an eye on your competitor, this feature is available in the pro version of the VidIQ extension, if you haven’t install VidIQ on your channel try and do that today, click here to register with VidIQ.

Share Your Content: If you mean this YouTube business you have to work very hard, a lazy rat in searching for food never gets fat. Countless the number of all social media that you know, you just need to have the account, and join groups chat or forum as many as you can and share every single link of your videos to those groups, in sharing, don’t just share your video link, always add the link to the playlist of that particular video that you shared, doing this will help your channel gain more viewers and subscribers on time.

Call To Action: The use of subscribe animation button in your video to tell people to do what you want, is known as the call to action, and this include the use of the Subscribe, share and like animation, always include this animation at the beginning, middle and at the end of your video to drag the attention of your viewers. If you don’t know how to add this call to action animation to your video, check my post on how to do that, click here to continue.

The Use of End Screen Clip: This is a very important part of your video on YouTube, the end screen is that end short part of every playing video on YouTube,  which is usually 20 seconds in length,  what will be displayed is the recommended videos to watchers,  that’s is showing a related video to watchers before the videos ends,  this process is automatically pop-up only if it’s enable by you during your video upload. So instead of displaying the end screen while your video is still passing important information to the viewers,  it is better to create a short clip that you can add to the end of every single of your video,  and this short clip should not be above 20 seconds in length,  you can customize it to contain at least two box for two videos and your channel logo circle,  just like the one below for my channel. doing this will enable your old videos to get more views. If you don’t have any idea on how to create a short clip for your windscreen watch this video now. 

Consistency: If you really want to get more views and more subscribers on your channel,  you must be consistent,  what I mean by consistent is that,  you must always post videos to your channel,  it is good to get prepared before getting started,  your channel must be ready to welcome those viewers and subscribers,  how do you make your channel ready is by creating more videos,  you must have at least 35 videos on your channel before the next 2-3 months of your starting. When your channel get enough video,  believe it your videos will drive the viewers and subscribers to your channel. 

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