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How To Enroll For N-Power Test Program and get deployed Successfully. | Easy Way to Score above 80%

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In this post you will learn how you can successfully login in to Your NASIM
account,  provided you are a registered member of N-Power. 

Npower test

If you have an account for the N-Power platform already,  then you have
to visit the
website and follow the step below.

For first time login, you have to recover your password using the procedures

  • First Click on
  • Then click on the “Forgot Password” Option.
  • Enter your N-POWER application email.
  • Click on “Send Link”
  • A link will be sent to your email address,  retrieve the link and visit
    the link to reset your password,  after that  login to your
    NASIMS  account. 
  • After successful login, update your records completely before taking the
    test and make sure to write down your NASIMS ID that will be used to access
    the test page. 

How To score above 80% in the Test. 

The test is a computer base test program which will last for just 20
minutes,  the questions to be asked include English, Math and other
subjects like current affairs. 

You only have 3 trials for which if you failed all the trials you fail the
test automatically,  so you can’t get deployed. The easiest way you can
use to take the rest and past it in your first trial is to:

  • Use
    Chrome Browser (Android)Kim to take the test. 
  • Read each questions twice. 
  • In case you don’t know the answer to any questions,  don’t skip
    it,  you can easily get the answer right and easy by doing this Chrome
    magic quick search option. I guess you know what is this quick search
    option? It is a short cut way to search for anything on Google without
    switching the tap you are using. 

Sample for npower
You just have to highlight the question, and you will see a pop up tap
under,  swipe it up to display the search results. 

Go through the search result to to check for the correct answer as fast as
posible but do not click on the page link so that you won’t be redirected to
the page,  which can distract or interrupt your test page. 
This is the trick you can use to pass the test and get a score of above 80%
and you will be deployed successfully. 

N-POWER Study Questions and Answers

Often known about the trick of Chrome quick search,  you might need to
study the question nature,  how the questions looks like during the
This is for Npower Batch C Questions and Answers 2021. The test is a major
criterion for selection of beneficiaries for Batch ‘C’ scheme, so you can’t
afford to score below 70%. So you will really need the npower batch C test
questions and answers.
Below are the current and ongoing npower test/exam questions to help you score
above 80% in your Npower assessment test.

Thanks a lot for reading,  in case of any doubt or any questions
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Please Share this Post. Thanks!

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